It's friday night, so I go to a party with may-wei and her peer student.

It is really fun, people there are friendly and most of them can speak in Chinese.

Everyone should bring some food to that party, therefore, there are a lot of delicious food for us to eat, such as apple pie, pineapple pie, chocolate ball and 茄子絞肉.

All of them are delicious, and I wish maybe someday I could cook as great as they are.

I meet crazy sisters, sisi and micky, in that party. They love laughing and really like to talk in Chinese. They start learning Chinese last Augest. Now, they can talk to me very smoothly. 

I also meet another guy but unfortunately I forgot his name. His Chinese is great and the apple pie he made is really fantastic. The recipe is come from his grandma and he said it's a secret.

People there are great and I have a good time there. However, I did't practice my English skill in that party and I think it's not wise for me cause I really need to practice my English ability. So, I write in English and hope that maybe doing this could advance my English ability.

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